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Recently I had a headlight switch on a 1984 BIG RED 200ES that was not working. This is switch is located on the left handlebar and is a combination kill/light/start switch. It is basically the same between the 1982 through 1984 BIG REDS. In my experience I have found the switches are typically bad due to corroded or cut wires in the switch housing or corroded or dirty switch contacts. I wanted to put up a post to show some of the disassembly, inspection, and testing of the switch. It is not a difficult task in my opinion just be careful as you are working with old plastic that can be brittle. I used some JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) screwdriver bits and a multi-meter to check continuity.


Here is the switch after the two screws are removed. Kill switch on the left and headlight switch on the right. I use JIS bits to remove the screws. If you use standard Phillips you may strip the screws out. I sometimes need to use small vice grips on the head to start removal. Before I got into disassembling the switch I used a multi-meter and with the wiring diagram checked the switch positions for continuity to confirm that switch is not operating properly.

Removed the two screws so I can get at the light switch assembly.

Carefully move the light switch lever aside and then remove the headlight switch assembly from the housing.

IMG_0390.jpg  IMG_0391.jpg 
Now that I have the headlight switched removed I will check the continuity of all the wires going to the switch with a multi-meter. Note the corrosion seen on the pictures above. After cleaning continuity was good. That is great since I am not good at soldering in tight spaces.

IMG_0392.jpg  IMG_0393.jpg 

Now I will further disassemble the headlight switch. Push the switch out of the metal housing past the grooves. Be careful that you don't lose the spring and ball.

IMG_0396.jpg  IMG_0397.jpg 

Next I cleaned the switch contacts. Mine had corrosion and I believe this was the cause of the low beam switch not working.
IMG_0399.jpg  IMG_0400.jpg 
Next reassembled the switch and then verify that everything is good by checking continuity at all switch positions at the wire connections
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