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Based on a compression test I know the 1982 Honda BIG RED 200E is a little low on compression. The compression test is a good/bad type of test but it does not tell you the reason the compression is low. To help determine this I use a leak down tester. The test is simple using the leakdown tester. First get the piston a top dead center on the compression stroke. For this I removed the inspection plug and recoil. Next install the leakdown tester hose in the spark plug hole in the cylinder head. Then hook up the air line to the leakdown tool. I had to hold the crankshaft still with a screwdriver since the air pressure applied in the cylinder would turn the motor over. Then adjust the regulator for about 90 psi. Then look at the two gauges and see the difference or leakdown. In this case it was less than 5 psi which isn't that bad. Next I put my ear to the intake and exhaust orts. I could not hear air leaking so the valves are sealing good. When I put my ear to the crankcase breather I could hear air hissing. This tells me that there is cylinder/piston/piston ring wear. The leak down test is a good tool because it can quickly identify the cause or causes of low compression and will get you to focus in those areas during engine teardown and inspection.

leakdown tester

leakdown test results. The gauge on the left is supply. The gauge on the right is cylinder pressure.

Using a screwdriver to hold the crankshaft in position  during the test

crankcase breather nipple located to the right of the cylinder.

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