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One of the rear fenders on the 82 BIG RED I am restoring was cracked. The previous repair was done with a saw blade, rivets, and some sort of glue. I plastic welded the fenders and they turned out good. They may not look good now but these fenders will be sanded down and plastic renew will be applied.Se pics and captions below. Also see these links for more information on the tool I am using.

Plastic welder review       

IMG_7362.JPG  IMG_7363.JPG  IMG_7364.JPG  IMG_7365.JPG 
Before pics. Check out that saw blade.

Bevel the cracked area. Duct tape was used to hold the crack together.
Plastic weld complete


I drill holes at the end of the crack to stress relieve it so the crack is less likely to spread.

IMG_7370.JPG  IMG_7371.JPG  IMG_7372.JPG  IMG_7373.JPG 
results of plastic welding. This repair is much stronger and will look much better after I sand them down as compared to the saw blade fix I removed. 

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