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Hi,how's it goin'?My names' Alex and I am new here.I have checked this forum recently for info.I have solved a problem that I felt was so unique it must be shared.Please bear with me.I had picked up an '84 es 200 nice and cheap from a friend.Hadn't run in years and he was a new owner 2 years earlier and all he did was let it sit.A friend and I got it running pretty easy.It had a badly bent rear axle.That got fixed(dead straight).Some more parts and work.A test run with wheels off the ground showed all gears(including reverse) working properly. Finally the moment of truth.First ride.Everything worked nice but it would not stay in reverse under load.I removed the range/reverse shifter hub and found that the lever cam was missing.I order one and put it difference.I disassemble the subtrans and found that THE TWO SHIFTER FORKS WERE INSTALLED IN THE WRONG TWO GROOVES ON THE SHIFT DRUM.SWITCHED AROUND.THEY REACH AND WORK.Surprising.Not surprising is that a previous owner or mechanic made an error.I am a firm believer in service manuals and pictures.This is my first Big Red.I have fixed up 3 other Honda ATC's before,not to mention heaps of others tools/toys.Too bad I live in the city.Anyhoo,I'll be around.Cheers.

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Welcome Alex and glad to have you here. Thank you for sharing your experience - it should help others in the future. I am with you about using the service manual and pictures. When it comes to transmissions I have also found that using rubber bands to keep things together as an assembly works well for me. Keep enjoying your BIG RED.
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