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It's a pretty common upgrade for the 200cc engines to use a 200X cam and head.  The head has larger cooling fins and the cam has more lift.  It's actually a very good upgrade for those not doing a "by the numbers" restoration.

Be wary.  I just learned the hard way on this.  If you decide to use the 200X cylinder on a 200E or 200ES, you're gonna have to modify it.
The 200X cylinder is larger and has bigger cooling fins.  It's a good upgrade as well but it does not plug and play with your starter.

A 200E I am working on right now; I have used a 200X cylinder and head.
You will have to take at least a 1/4" from the bottom 3 fins and about 3/16" from the fourth.
I also notched the 5th fin to make wiggling the starter in a lot easier.

Just a bit a info that is MUCH easier to do before you paint and assemble.  Doing it AFTER it's bolted into the machine, all nice and painted........well, it's a PAIN.<---trust me on this one.

Life is hard.  It's even harder if you're stupid.....unless you're not stupid and only playing stupid.  Then things get easier.  

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Thanks for sharing your experience on this. Clean freshly painted pieces that have to be modified to fit can be a big letdown.
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