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My 200ES was having a off idle miss, for about the past month. Something that suddenly started. Nothing bad enough I needed to investigate posthaste and I just didn't have the time. I was also using it to pull a trailer while clearing brush and didn't want to pull it down.

I got around to looking at it today, figuring I'd just start by pulling the carb. It hasn't been touched in probably eight years or more and now's a good time to give it a cleaning.

The carb wasn't all that dirty. The problem was the E-clip had come off the needle. I'm not certain how it idled, accelerated and ran up top OK, because the needle wasn't being held in by the clip. It just had a regular, repetitive off idle miss at low load.

The clip was simply worn out and wouldn't stay on the needle at all. It looks a little beat to hell too. No idea. Not something I think I've run in to before on these carbs.

Worn clip on right.


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