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  Hello to all members,

  I need an advice for my Honda's engine oil. I use now the Motul 4t 5100 semisynthetic 10W40 
  for wet clutch and I am happy a lot, but I want to try the original Honda oil but I don't know
  which one is the correct for my bike or what alternatives I have to follow???
  Also I use a HighFlo oil filter. As I asked it's similar to the KN oil filters.
  All the opinions are always well acceptable!
  Thank you all for your help.


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I use whatever.  No high dollar stuff for me.  I prefer to change OFTEN as opposed to running something more expensive.  Cleaning the centrifugal rotor is too much of a pain to deal with it so I use whatever house brand at my local parts place, 10W40 and change it 3 or 4 times a year.  Same price in the end and when the oil is as clean coming out as it is going in, I know I won't be taking the centrifuge apart for a while.  
I'm a 200 guy though and don't do 250's.  Not sure how they work as far as that goes.  

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I typically run Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 or the regular 15W-40 or Castrol 4T 10W-40. I like JASO MA oils so they are ok with wet clutches. I am a fan of full synthetic oils. For the 1985 - 1987 BIG REDS with oil filters I like to use the reusable stainless steel mesh type especially if I am going to keep it for awhile  LINK


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  Thank you very much guys for your useful advices, I know that if the engine oil is typically 10W40 or even with other viscosities
  like 5W40 or 15W40 or 20W50 if keeps the JASO and the MA1 or MA2 it's  safe for our Honda's engine.
  It's very correct to change the oil 3-4 per year, I agree with you because you can avoid a lot of problems if the oil stays long 
  time inside the engine.
  It's also nice idea about the reusable stainless steel filter, if you have any information for this please send me the link or the part 
  number to make a search.
  Thank you again both!
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