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Hello. I have the opportunity to purchase a 250es locally. I'm not sure what year it was made. But I'm fairly certain it is a one owner and used very little. What's a fair price? Thanks.

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Without knowing the condition it is difficult to say. Also your location can factor into the value. In my rural area of New York (Allegany County) I see 1985 -1986 BIG REDS going for:

$800 -$1,100   Running ok some damaged plastics, some missing parts

$1,200 - $ 1,400   Complete turn key ready to go machines with normal wear

$1,500 and up     All original, complete, running, low use

Note that these are general asking prices I see not sure on what they actually sell for. The ads do disappear at these price levels around here. Deals are still out there and note that the 86 and 87 model 250ES's will typically bring more money than the 85's.

Hope this helps.
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