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I am new to this group.  Manitoba Canada boy here. 

I bought my 85' Big Red 20 years ago and only issue now is that the red reverse button cover is gone and i had to plastic weld a fender crack. It is in nice shape with factory odometer. I got it with 4,000 km on it.   I finally want tracks for ice fishing trips in northern Manitoba.  Don't want 4 wheel/tracks ...... Tracks and dual front ski setup on my Red for me.

Anyone seen a conversion setup to install rear tracks on a big red?    One was sold up here 2 years ago that looked like a Tatou tack - so far not what i have seen on youttube. 

Mattracks in MN says minimum $2500 if it works on a 250 (under-powered?).  Need info if it really works with that solid rear drive system.  I don't want suspension tacks, likley would bounce into rear fenders and destroy them


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Welcome. You can still get that red reverse button from Honda. Tracks do suck up a lot of power. I saw on the interwebs a "yeti" track kit on a 250ES BIG RED not sure if they are still available.

I really like BIG REDS but when the snow gets deep I will take the snow machine (2008 polaris IQR 60RR) or the Cushman Trackster.


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