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I’ve got a 85 250 sx.the bike ran but it killed frequently,wouldn’t idle right and leaked fuel from the overflow on the carb.I took the carb down and rebuilt it.I got it to run and pretty well.i dialed in the air 1 3/4 turn out and got it idiling smooth.The bike has never smoked since I’ve owned it the P.O. said he had the jug rebuilt.Anyway it ran perfectly for a few minutes then killed and I’ve not gotten it to run since. I put an spark tester on it and it has fire.I put my finger over the plug hole and it popped.not a real professional compression test.Ive pulled the valve cover the cam lobes are both pointing down at 4 and 7 the T is lined up at the access hole and I cannot pull any slack on the timing chain,the piston is at TDC..what else can I look at ?

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Sorry bud, i got nothing.  My only experience with a 250 is tearing an 86 250ES down for parts.  It only cemented my love for the 200cc models.  The 250's seem overly complicated for just another 50cc.   

Wish i had some help for you.  Couple of the other guys on here know them though.  Hopefully they'll be along shortly.  Best of luck.  

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Are you still getting fuel to the cylinder? If so it could be a CDI issue

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sounds like cdi, mine idled right but only at idle in nutral, as soon as it went in gear it died. it was loosing extra cdi ground/power by the nutral light going out. sounds like same situation. I just changed my box and it fixed it all. another may be the ign. pickup or coil may have failed. but bet it was cdi 
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