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Riding my 1985 other day, about an hour into ride it started blowing a fair amount of oil out of the crank-case breather hose and the motor died. I still have good compression, and it will briefly run with starting fluid shot into the carb. I know I can tear-up the valves using too much ether, so I have only done it twice.

Any ideas? I thought maybe the timing chain possibly jumped, but I've been told that it's nearly impossible by a guy much more experienced with these motors than me ( I've only ever worked on 2 strokes, and my much more simple 125M motors).

I know just enough to be dangerous, so basically I'm looking for help diagnosing the problem and how much I should be expecting to pay for a shop to repair-it? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I would start with a compression test and a leakdown test. Could be blow by - if so the leakdown will replicate the blow by. Here are some links for the testing they are for 200CC BIG REDS but the concept is the same.
Compression test
Leakdown test

Not sure how much a shop would charge for troubleshooting. Let us know how you make out on this.
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