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For me restorations come down to the details. One of the details of a BIG RED restoration is replacement decals. A well painted tank is just too plain without the decals installed. Having all the warning label decals make it that much better. I recently restored two BIG RED gas tanks and painted them with basecoat clearcoat. When it came to the decals I went to In the past I went to a man named Harlan in Minnesota for all my replacement decals due to the great quality and fair price. The only issue I had in the past was that Harlan would go to a warmer climate during the winter so I was limited as to the availability of the decals.

One day I got a message on this forum from Indian chief letting me know he bought the decal business from Harlan. I’m glad he sent me this message as it is sometimes difficult to find reproduction items for the BIG REDS. I ordered some fender decals first and some gas tank decals shortly afterwards.

 When the decals came in they were the correct size, correct color, and had good adhesive. The decals are thick so they should hold up for a long time. The decal and shipping price was also very fair. At the time I had to contact atctanksanddecals directly but now the website is up and running and has a catalog of decals you can order right on the website. If you don’t see the decal you want just contact them and they will get back to you.  Below are some images of the decals as received and installed. I am happy with the quality and price so I recommend using if you need replacement decals for your BIG RED . They also have decals for other vehicles and do full restorations on ATC metal gas tanks. HERE is a link to the website for further info.

 IMG_1377.jpg  IMG_1386.jpg  IMG_1387.jpg  IMG_1388.jpg 

Decals installed on a 1982 Honda BIG RED 200E (masking tape used to locate decals)

IMG_0919.jpgm IMG_0929.jpg 
Decals for 1984 Honda BIG RED rear fenders


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Thanks for the review!
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