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If you have cut or missing seat foam on your BIG RED it can be repaired fairly easily and with a new seat cover it will look like new again. If you try to put a seat cover over damaged foam typically to damage will show through the new seat cover. Below is a simple procedure to repair the seat foam on your BIG RED.

IMG_0688.jpg  IMG_0690.jpg
The damage

IMG_0691.jpg    I first cut out the damaged area with a razor blade

IMG_0692.jpg  IMG_0693.jpg
Next I cut out a filler piece of high density foam. I use some spray adhesive to keep the filler piece in place. The high density foam can be purchased on eBay and I got the spray adhesive at an auto parts store.
After the adhesive on the filler piece of foam is dry I then cover the seat foam with quilting batte. This will cover any small imperfections and make the seat cover look uniform. I use the same spray adhesive to install the quilting batte on the seat foam. You can typically get the quilting batte at arts and crafts stores. Now it is time for the seat cover.


Results after seat cover is installed


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I wanted to add that I have found that using an electric carving knife (same one you would use to carve a turkey) is a good way to trim the seat foam especially on a curved surface. Note that the carving knife was a cheap one that I got from WalMart for about 10-15 bones.

IMG_0025.jpg  Here is how the seat started. A chunk of foam was missing from the top right hand side.

Seat cover off.

Marked section to be cut with marker and them used a razor blade to carefully cut out a section to be replaced.
I use a piece of foam (you can get a foam repair kit on ebay) and attach it to the seat using superglue. Next I used the carving knife to trim the excess foam as the filler piece I used was square shaped. I used the contour of the seat as a guide. The blade on the caring knife was about 10 inches long so it was easy to do. Be patient and let the knife do the work. The cut surface of the foam is not completely smooth but I don't worry since I am using quilting batt that fills in small imperfections.
Quilting batt installed. I use spray adhesive to keep it in place and fabric scissors to trim the excess. You can get quilting batt at craft stores.
Next I cover the quilting batt with a plastic garbage bag. Again spray adhesive is used to hold it in place and scissors are used to trim the excess. The plastic keeps the foam dry and helps the cover move easier during installation.

IMG_0041.jpg  IMG_0042.jpg 
Seat cover installed using an air stapler. I have found good quality replacement seat covers on Ebay.

For more information on installing seat covers see 1984 BIG RED SEAT COVER INSTALLATION


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