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As I was breaking down the 1982 Honda 200E BIG RED for restoration I managed to break a few bolts. This is common since these BIG REDS are old and some of the hardware has never been removed. The tip I use if there is enough thread left to put a nut on is to weld a nut to the broken bolt and then use an impact gun to remove the broken bolt. The key is to have a clean surface to weld to, get good weld penetration to the broken bolt, and make sure the welding does not interfere with the nut geometry so a socket cannot be installed.

 Broken front rack mounting bolt on the front fork

 I got the end of the broken bolt down to bare metal with a die grinder and threaded the nut on.

Next I used my MIG welder to weld the nut to the broken bolt.

Next I used an impact gun to remove the nut and broken bolt from the front end. This method does not always work but I will typically try it first before I spend the time to drill out the broken bolt.

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